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I made a cartoon thing

2013-04-22 18:32:24 by MC-Booga

This started out as a walk cycle for a project in a 2d Character Animation class, and has since evolved into something special.

Watch it here!

So the student film I spent most of fall 2010 helping out on is finally online! I worked on the 2D animated segment, working on cleanup animation and coloring. I did a few of the shots with the space-boy, and a couple of the monster shots. The 2D segments were done in Flash and later brought into AfterEffects.

Direct link:

60 Seconds to Deliver is probably close to half-done. There's still a bit of work to do, but I put together a quick video showing the game in action:

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Happy Day of the Ninja!

2009-12-05 19:46:20 by MC-Booga

So dress in black, sneak around, and do back-flips everywhere or something.

Also, as of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I am making a ninja-related game. In this game, you are a ninja. You work at Monorail Sandwiches. You got a phone order, so you must deliver a sandwich. You must deliver this sandwich in only 60 seconds.
More details can be found here. I hope to have this game done in two or three weeks.

Happy Day of the Ninja!

Bridges of the Mertynn Preview Video

2009-08-28 15:26:13 by MC-Booga

A few things have improved since the last video. Unfortunately, my skill with video codecs hasn't.

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Most of the progress updates and screen shots will be put up on the development blog, but if I ever figure out how to make a video with CamStudio, Adobe's video programs, and get it on YouTube without the quality sucking, I'll drop a link here. I'll also upload any more concept art I do, like I did with this one here.

What game developers should be aware of - Tim Langdell

2009-07-15 21:42:45 by MC-Booga

It hasn't breached the mainstream news yet, but anyone who is developing games should be aware of what is going on:

Be aware that the use of the common word "edge" in your game as a name anything for or within the game will put you at risk of legal retaliation by Tim Langdell, of EDGE Games, a trademark troll who hasn't produced anything within the video game world for the past fifteen years. He has trademarked the word "Edge" and waits for anyone who uses the word in the title and files a lawsuit against them when their project is near completion.

He is the reason the hit iPhone game "Edge" has been pulled from their stores world-wide.

As of July 1st, he trademarked "Edge of Twilight" as a preemptive move to go after an upcoming game of that same name, which had been using that name for two years now.

He is why most of you know "Soul Edge" as "Soul Caliber"

He had been working on taking on "Mirror's Edge" by trademarking "Mirrors" and making press releases for a fake game called "MIRRORS a new game from EDGE"

He has gotten away with all this for so long due to nobody knowing about him, which is why this information should be spread. More information about his incredibly shady practices in better detail is avaliable at the following: mes rless/20090610/1233/A_Brief_Statement_
15/tim-langdell-and-edge-games-still-a t-it

A record of his lawsuits, which included companies like Marvel, Sony and Yamaha:
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Know your rights. Don't take crap from this guy.

What game developers should be aware of - Tim Langdell

I are making a gaem.

2009-05-28 12:27:44 by MC-Booga

As of this video, it has crappy programmer art, a menu, and a level editor. YouTube hates me, so video quality is dumb.

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Happy Day of the Ninja!

2008-12-05 04:35:23 by MC-Booga

Only the best day of the year.

Happy Day of the Ninja!

Today, December 5th, is the 5th annual Day of the Ninja! I really wanted to have a Sandwich Shop Ninja-themed desktop wallpaper done for today, but Flash crashed and I lost half of my work. So, it will probably be done tomorrow. However, that doesn't stop any of you from celebrating this day of total awesome! Go sneak around, dress in black, do back flips and share this wondrous day with random people who have no idea what the heck is going on!

I haven't had a chance to work on the next episode of The Sandwich Shop Ninja since mid-October, but I hope to get working on it again soon. I'm currently stuck on one fight-scene that has a huge pseudo-3D effect done entirely in Flash, a 2D-based program.

And here's a screen shot of some un-finalized animation I had on my website, but hadn't shown here:

Happy Day of the Ninja, Everyone!

Halloween Toon.

2007-11-01 01:49:50 by MC-Booga

I guess I was able to "finish" it. If you can call that finished. Not entirely pleased with how it came out, but didn't want two-and-a-half weeks-worth of insufficient sleep to go to waste. So, it is here for your amusement. Someone's amusement. Somebody's got to find it amusing.

Fortunately I've already got a solid plan for the Christmas competition and I have enough time to actually put effort into it. :) But first, I'll finish up a bytesized I've had sitting around and then probably do some strange animation that is the result of my mind trying to recover from the last two weeks of whatever it is I just went through.

The next episode of The Sandwich Shop Ninja is still in the works, though I don't know when it will be done. If the Halloween toon actually helped me get into the habit of making good use of the little free time I have, then it may actually get done in two or three months.

I also need to finish this if I want people to actually consider hiring me for freelancing work:

Halloween Toon.